XS Big Dot Sights for Self Defense

When it comes to personal self defense engagements its usually the case that speed is the critical factor above all else in determining whether or not you walk away from the gun fight.

XS Big Dot Sights are built for this exact purpose – to simplify the aiming process down to the basic level to make for the fastest target acquisition time possible.

XS Big Dot Sights – Design Breakdown

big dot tritium sightsThe Big Dot’s functionality comes from its unique design where the front and rear portions combine for optimized speed and visibility. The first thing you’ll notice about these sights is their namesake, the ‘big dot’ that makes up the front post. This large round sight is specially designed to be easy to catch with the eye and contrast against both targets and backgrounds in all lighting conditions.

Its size alone makes it really stand out, but add to that its high-visibility white paint highlight and you can’t miss it, even in the bright daylight. In low- or no-light scenarios the big dot’s embedded green tritium capsule takes over to illuminate the post. The tritium provides a continuous, battery free glow that lasts for years at a time. Indoors and outdoors, day or night, the combination of paint and tritium ensures the front post’s usability.

The rear sight works to take the complexity out of sight alignment with a minimalistic design. It forgoes the traditional square notch that 3-dot sights utilize in favor of an overall ‘V’ shape which is slightly higher on the ends and dips to a shallow point in the center. A small vertical line of tritium highlights the center for added visibility.

Aiming becomes as simple as ‘dotting the i’, that is, getting the front dot to sight right on top of the center line of the ‘V’. Vertical and horizontal alignment isn’t hard as the dot seems to naturally fall into place at the well of the ‘V’ when the gun is brought into sightline.

What the ‘V’ shape really helps with is preventing the front post from being completely covered at any given time. Ever draw a 3-dot sight and have to do a little hand rotation before you can see the front post within the notch? Having this happen and trying to correct for it east up those precious moments that count when in a gun fight.

The ‘V’ shape also allows for one of the most open sight pictures short of ditching a rear sight all together. There’s just more room available over the slide to see the target when the front post isn’t being bracketed by the sides of a tight fitting notch. This little difference makes for better situational awareness when it really matters.

Both the front and rear sights are low profile and hug the top of the gun, allowing them to comfortably fit into nearly every holster and less likely to snag on any gear or clothing during a draw. XS sights come available for most handgun manufacturers and models.

The Need for Defensive Handgun Sights

xs big dotWith handgun sights there is a tradeoff between pin-point accuracy and quick target acquisition. Sights that can deliver the most precise shots and quarter inch groupings are slower to aim because the process of lining up the front post with the rear notch requires some fine motor skills and concentration. On the other end, sights that favor a fast time on target rely more on the shooter’s instinctive draw and larger front posts but won’t give quite as much high precision.

Defensive sights are ones that are meant to be used for close range personal defense scenarios, and always favor speed over absolute accuracy. These types of sights are best equipped on every day carry guns where threats typically happen at a moment’s notice within a handful of yards.

In these situations adrenaline is pumping, the body alarm response kicks in, and a combination of training and instinct takes over. At a time like this pin-point accuracy is second thought to just getting a round on the target, which alone is enough to neutralize most personal defense threats.

With the XS Big Dot Sights the aiming process is simplified to a point where, even in a high stressed state, the shooter can make a well placed shot in short time. The same basic fundamentals of aiming any handgun are used but the key difference is not focusing on aligning the front post with the rear notch.

Instead the shooter simply covers the target with the front dot and fires. Simple, easy, streamlines. At 25 yards and in placing the dot over a center mass, upper torso sized target is a sure hit.

When some shooters first get their hands on a set of Big Dot Sights and end up shooting larger groupings than they’re used to they blame the sights for being inaccurate, or causing them to lose skill. They need to realize that tight groupings aren’t the point of these sights. These sights are meant to be combat accurate instead of target accurate.

Did they still get hits on the target center mass? Was it quicker than their 3-dot sights? These are the questions that anyone evaluating XS Big Dot Sights need to be asking. Do not confuse these for target shooting sights, they are purely defensive sights at their core.

Another key requirement of defensive sights is the ability to work under any conditions. The fact is you do not get the choice of when you’ll be attacked, so you must be prepared for it to happen at any time. The Big Dot’s night sight capabilities allow it to perform in any dynamic shooting scenario that may erupt – from broad daylight, to shadowed outdoor areas, dimly lit interiors to the dead of night – the sights will be visible at all times.



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