The Combat Optic Tool – Perfect for Every Range Bag

Anyone who runs multiple optics on their rifles knows what a pain it is to keep track of all the different adjustment tools needed to set them up properly. Everything from windage to elevation to mounting seems like it requires another sized or shaped tool. It looks like the people over at Patriot Products AZ were in the same boat and decided to do something about it – and their solution is the Combat Optic Tool.

The Combat Optic Tool is a single tool that incorporates the one-off tools used on a variety of different optics into one small package. With one of these you can leave behind all the individual tools you’re used to carrying around and just keep track of the Combat Optic Tool. In fact, its small enough to fit in  your wallet or pocket – definitely something that should be a staple in your range bag.

On the COT you’ll find the following features:

  • Rounded Flat Blade – Used to adjust windage and elevation for Aimpoint Comp M2/3/4, Aimpoint PROs, EOTechs, and older ACOGs
  • Dual Dot Driver – Compatible with turrets on the Aimpoint Micro T1 and H1
  • Quarter Bit Driver – Fits in ring mounts for controlling tightness settings
  • 3/8″ (10mm) Box Wrench – Used for tightening screws on LaRue mounts or 10mm Aimpoint mounts
  • Bottle Opener – Possibly the most important feature of the tool. In case everything in your life is tactical except your bottle opener then here’s your chance to change that.


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