The Benefits of Using an EOTech Magnifier

We’ve written before about how EOTech sights are some of the top rated optics in use today. Military, law enforcement, and civilians use these holographic sights for their clear advantages in CQC operstions.

But what about when the situation calls for a longer range, more precision shot? A standard EOTech won’t cut it alone. The best option is an additional EOTech magnifier to fill they gap in dynamic shooting scenarios like this.

The Need For An EOTech Magnifier

EOTech holographic weapon sights are great for close quarters combat, that is, engaging a target within ~30 meters. Usually this is required when clearing houses or in urban environments, where things happen fast and getting your sights centered on target quickly is essential.

g333EOTechs have a handful of features that put them above other sights in these situations. The holographic illuminated reticle is easy for the eye to catch when bringing it into sight line.

Their unique A65/1 reticle pattern has the best of both worlds in terms of fast target acquisition and pin point accuracy. The sights are built to Mil-spec standards and have proven themselves in combat operations.

As good as they are, non-magnified EOTechs are only so good out to a certain range. To extend that requires an additional magnified optic.

The good news is that there is an EOTech magnifier built specifically to work with their standard models that gives all the benefits of a scope while retaining its traditional features, the EOTech G33 Magnifier.

EOTech G33.STS 3x Magnifier

gssThe  EOTech G33 is a tandem optic that is mounted behind a primary, non-magnifying EOTech holographic sight. It is co-aligned with the primary sight so that the shooter is actually looking through the G33 and into the objective window of the sight.

The primary sight provides the reticle while the G33 provides the magnification. This is a great option for anyone who already owns an EOTech sight and is looking for additional magnification capability.

It is also sold as a package with EOTech’s baseline models. The GSS designed to work in conjunction with a standard EOTech sights, so don’t plan on using the G33 alone.

Its total length is 3.9″ and it weighs in a 11.9 oz. Designed for Picatinny rails, this should fit just fine on most battle rifles even with limited rail space. It even has a quick detach mechanism for when you need it off in a snap.

Its optimal eye relief is 2.2″ with a 3x fixed magnification. The G33 has fogproof internal optics and is waterproof up to 10m in depth.

The G33 has a handful of features that makes is a great addition to any weapon. We’ll talk about the main ones here.

Switch-to-Side Mount

One of the most unique features of the EOTech G33 is its STS mount, which allows the magnifier to be flipped to the side while still remaining attached to the weapon.

g331The shooter simply presses a release button on the optic’s base that unlatches one side, allowing it to roll to the opposite side on lateral hinges.This positions the G33 at an offset from the sight rail and lets the shooter look through the now non-magnified EOTech.

This simple addition adds a lot of tactical functionality to the weapon. While most sight options leave the shooter to choose between non-magnified and magnified options, this solution provides the best of both worlds.

The ability to go back and forth between magnification levels is ideal for dynamic shooting situations where targets need to be engaged at a variety of constantly changing distances.

Operators can utilize the G33 to do recon, or for mid-to-long range shots, then transition to the base EOTech for close range targets. Shooters won’t be pigeon holed into one role when using the EOTech magnifier.

Speed in switching the EOTech G33 between positions is key. A simple button press is all it it takes to offset it, and a simple flip back locks it in place. You won’t have to worry about losing a zero between flips either since EOTech’s reticle won’t move.

The process is quick enough that shooters are able to go back and forth between positions mid-combat without problem.

Increased Effective Range With 3x Magnification

As we’ve said, EOTech’s are some of the best reviewed sights on the market, but they are highly optimized for close-to-mid range target engagement.

g334With a large reticle and zero-magnification they are best used for targets inside of 100 yards. Anything beyond that and shot placement and groupings start to fall apart.

Extending the effective range of EOTech equipped weapons requires additional magnification; exactly what the G33 was built for. Its 3x fixed magnification means getting accurate rounds on target at further distances.

3x magnification typically makes shots out to 300 yards easily achievable, pushing into the mid-to-long range arena. You’ll have to zero weapon when the G33 is in place to compensate for bullet drop, and realize how this also affects the non-magnified zero.

Even if you’re not shooting targets at these longer distances the EOTech magnifier can be a great addition to any weapon for recon purposes. Because it can be flipped back and forth so easily it makes for a quick way to get a better view of what is happening down range.

For shooters looking for other quality fixed magnification optics, we’d also recommend looking into Trijicon sights, as they have the same military quality and reputation, and a 4x magnification.

Effective Reticle Pattern

A ‘magnifier’ may be the best description of the EOTech G33 since it differed from the traditional definition of a ‘scope’ in one bold way: it doesn’t have a reticle. Whereas all scopes have built in reticles, either crosshairs or aimpoints, the G33 is simply a magnifying optic.

The reason it can get away with this is because it works by magnifying the reticle produced in the primary EOTech HWS that it is mounted behind on the rail. EOTech’s use a holographic projection system that makes this sort of optical setup possible.

A holographic reticle that is etched into its objective window is illuminated by an internal laser diode. This provides a reticle that has unlimited eye relief and can be viewed in focus at any distance behind it. The EOTech G33 simply takes this projection and magnifies it through a series of lens and into the shooters eye.

This means that shooters will retain the same reticle pattern between non-magnified and magnified positions. And that’s great because EOTech’s custom reticle pattern can be useful at multiple distances.

The 65 MOA ring that the pattern has won’t be much good at distance, but its 1 MOA centerpoint sure it. This is one of the smallest MOA red dots there is, and makes precision shot placement attainable. It won’t cover as much of the target as larger 3-5 MOA dots to you can really place the bullet into a small target area if you have a proper zero.

The EOTechs that are packaged with the G33 also may include bullet drop compensation hashes that are aligned vertically below the center point. These can be use to for better shot placement at distances beyond what you’ve zeroed for.

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