UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Red/Green Dot Sight Review


UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Red/Green Dot Sight Review

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The UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Red/Green Dot Sight is primarily designed to have a reflex sight to have more or less have a coma effect given its spray rays and minor ghost image created by reflection.

Generally speaking, due to its contrast, the brighter one’s target background, the sharper the dot seems like, and the least amount of ghost image would appear. Not to mention that the lighting intensity setting would minimize any kind of spray imaging.

UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Product Features:

The UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Red/Green Dot Sight with Integral Picatinny Mounting Deck comes with:

  • Leapers/UTG’s dot sight in order to achieve a crisp dot for enhancing professional accurate shooting.
  • Precise and steady coin-adjustable W/E Knobs with 1/2 MOA for every Click Increments
  • Quick Aim Electronic Dot Sight with its Red/Green Dual Illumination
  • A 2-year warranty
  • 38mm Tube with the Best in Class Emerald Lens Coating for Maximum Clarity and Brightness, Sharp and Clear 4.0 MOA Dot
  • A couple of Lithium Metal Batteries included.
  • Its product dimensions are 6 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Shipping weight is 11.2 ounces
  • Item could be shipped within the USA
  • This item is not eligible for overseas shipping


  • One customer claimed it’s not the easiest when it comes to installation.
  • Changing batteries is difficult.
  • Putting on picatinny rails can be problematic, as it was “loose” and made the sighting terribly a frustrating process.

UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Price:

The UTG 4-Inch 1X30 Red/Green Dot Sight with Integral Picatinny Mounting Deck can be found at leading online websites for around $33 and you may also be eligible for FREE Shipping if you have orders over $35.

Average Customer Review:

Out of 428 Customer Reviews, 4.3 out of 5 stars is the average rating and a whopping 82% of purchasers gave it a 4 or 5 star rating.


What Customers Say:

I purchased this back in September of 2014, and just got around to installing it. I was a bit leery about the quality of this scope because of the price and comments from gun snobs that say UTG is Airsoft toys. I ignored those comments and bought it anyway. I just finished building my 10.5″ AR pistol and installed the sight to use on its maiden voyage. In the photo I added, you can see I started in the 7 ring at 5 o’clock. I adjusted elevation first and then windage and was getting the 10 ring consistently. I was still a little left, but I decided it was good enough to finish breaking in the new rig. The dot (red) was bright and easy to acquire and I’m happy with my purchase. Will it replace the Eotech on my defensive AR? No, but this is a great option for a day at the range– Keri and Dan

First mag at ten yards on a 22 pistol was a half inch group at 5 o’clock on the circles edge. Zeroed in easy held up after maybe 100 rds. If it starts coming out of line often ill update review” – loudcptcrunch


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