Truglo Red-Dot 30mm Dual Color Sight


Truglo Red-Dot 30mm Dual Color Sight

The Truglo Red Dot is shock-resistant, water- and fog-proof, securely deployable under almost all climates and weather conditions.


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Truglo is a US manufacturer of illuminated optics and other accessories for firearms, bows, and crossbows.  The Truglo Red Dot is their bare-bones, basic entrant into the market of red dot sights for firearms.

Truglo offers more souped-up red dot sights, with different styles, reticles, and colors, but the Red Dot remains Truglo’s true-blue illuminated optic.

The Truglo Red Dot is shock-resistant, water- and fog-proof, securely deployable under almost all climates and weather conditions.

It’s built with an integrated Weaver-style mount, and riser mounts of all sizes and styles are available if necessary.  This makes it a good choice of AR 15 optic if your setup has a weaver mount.

The reticle is a standard red dot. The battery is the semi-standard 3v lithium CR2032, with an estimated running life of 6,000 hours, or 250 days, at low brightness settings.

The front objective diameter (the size of the front lens) is 30mm, or almost 1.2 inches, offering a wide field of view, and–like all red dot sights–unlimited eye relief.

The multi-coated lenses permit more than 95% light transmittance while an anti-reflective interior keeps stray light out of the sight.

truglo arAs with all red dot sights, parallax, or the apparent movement of the reticle following the shooter’s perspective, is greatly minimized, but not eliminated; parallax only becomes an issue at long-ranges, in excess of 100 yards with most red dot sights.

With a tube length of 4 inches the Truglo Red Dot is not particularly compact; it weighs in at 4.5 ounces, a nice quarter pounder.

The name “Red Dot” is a bit misleading, since the reticle can be switched between red and green colors.

Although not really a tactical addition (green dots degrade nightvision quicker than red ones) it is helpful to be able to change the reticle color to suit your preference and vision priority.

The brightness is adjustable via a rheostat knob to eleven different settings, making the Truglo Red Dot ready for target acquisition under a full moon or at high noon.

The Truglo Red Dot is not as accurate as other red dot sights we’ve reviewed.

At 5 MOA, capable of making 5-inch groups at 100 yards out of the box, it’s ideal for plinking, close-range shooting, and quick target acquisition.

Windage and elevation can be adjusted for with smooth click knobs. AR shooters using the Truglo Red Dot report the lens covers are unreliable and detach under heavy recoil, a fairly common problem with inexpensive red dot sights used in heavy recoil applications.

Truglo certifies its Red Dot as shock-resistant up to 1kg, or about 2.2 pounds per square inch. That might sound like a lot, but it’s a fraction of the force required to break a person’s nose, making the Truglo Red Dot a somewhat delicate piece of equipment.

At around $55, however, it is also one of the less expensive AR-style red dot sights on the market.


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