Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Riflescope

Designed using US Military and NATO specifications, this rugged scope can withstand a beating and the test of time.


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The Trijicon ACOG riflescope is an internally adjustable telescopic scope—built to US Military and Nato standards—with a dual day/night chevron BAC reticle that operates without a battery for precision without hassle.

The way the riflescope is able to function without batteries is an ingenious fiber optic network designed for daytime use, and a tritium phosphor lamp for nighttime use.

With a lamp guaranteed to last 15 years, this scope is well worth the $1,126, especially because it’s warranty includes free replacements. It’s sure to last any avid hunter for years and years.

The chevron reticle is factory zeroed and allows aim estimation by setting the tip of the chevron to 100 meters; this, along with a reticle base of 5.53 MOA, allows the shooter to enjoy the ease of accurately estimable range.

The chevron reticle also employs a 4x magnification and a 7 degree field of view to ensure accuracy.

The fiber optic/tritium phosphor illumination lamp within the scope creates an ability to shoot a target at night which is unparalleled by any other scope on the market today.

The illuminated aiming point on the reticle will last for ten years after going dim, at which point, the factory will replace the well-used device for a new one as per the warranty agreement.

Before continuing the list of beneficial attributes of the ACOG, a warning is necessary. Using a BAC, or Bidon Aiming Concept, reticle is different than other sights and scopes in that the shooter must use both eye s to properly aim at a target. ‘

Well, that isn’t much of a warning. After a few weeks of practice, using a BAC reticle will be like second nature!

The design of the scope itself is quite sleek and created with forged aluminum. The scope comes with a neoprene scope cover that protects the scope when mounted and when housed in its case.

The weight of this scope is 9.9 ounces without the mount, and it is 5.8 inches in length. Embossed on one side are the words “Trijicon ACOG,” and on the other, largely embossed is “Made in the USA.” The lens is made of crisp amber glass that is enhanced with the tritium and fiber optic chevron display.

While conducting some research on the Trijicon ACOG riflescope, a great deal of information came up about its use by the US Military in Afghanistan and Iraq. One can only assume that if the US Army uses it, it is good.

Many sources agree that the ACOG withstands a heavy beating that would normally end the life of an average scope. An ACOG, by definition, is meant for advanced combat.

The Trijicon ACOG riflescope offers top of the line functionality with futuristic military technology. Designed using US Military and NATO specifications, this rugged scope can withstand a beating and the test of time.

The fiber optic and tritium phosphor chevron display is warrantied and guaranteed to last 15 years. Made in the USA, the shooter can expect a high standard of quality and excellence.

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