Tasco 30mm Red Dot Sight


Tasco 30mm Red Dot Sight

The Tasco 30mm Red Dot is the company's basic entrant in the red dot sight competition, and is a pretty good choice for desert- and snow-dwelling target shooters, or anyone operating under heavy glare.


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Kansas-based Tasco makes a wide range of optics, from rifle and spotting scopes to binoculars, telescopes, trail cameras, and, more recently, red dot sights. The company is geared toward hunters and outdoorsmen and their products reflect that rugged, practical orientation.

The Tasco Red Dot sight is the company’s basic entrant in the red dot sight competition, and is a pretty good choice for desert- and snow-dwelling target shooters, or anyone operating under heavy glare.

Its size is a bit above-average: the length of the tube is 3 3/4″ inches, the diameter 1 1/2″. The entire assembly weighs about 6 ounces, a third of a pound,  maing it a great choice as a compact AR 15 optic.

It’s not exactly ideal for handgun mounting, although Tasco bills the Red Dot as suitable for the recoil of shotguns chambered for 3″ shells and handguns up to .357 Magnum.

The objective diameter of the lens is 30mm, just under 1 1/4″, providing a 57-foot field-of-view at 100 yards. The reticle is a 5 MOA standard red dot–no green dot option for you nighttime shooters–with 11 brightness settings.

tasco red dotThe Tasco Red Dot’s battery is the semi-standard 3-volt CR2032; the reported battery life varies, with some Tasco users reporting that it burns out after a few days on high settings.

On low settings it has an average life expectancy of about 6,000 hours, or 250 days. The battery is housed underneath the windage knob so you’ll probably have to sight back in after replacing it.

The objective lenses are protected by a multi-layered, fully-coated Rubicon finish unique to Tasco-built optics. The coating filters out the harsher red part of the light spectrum and is well-suited for sighting under the glare of bright daylight conditions.

The matte, all-weather finish protects the assembly from basic environmental hazards, but keep in mind the Tasco is not certified as “weather-proof.”

The Tasco Red Dot sight doesn’t have flip-open lens covers like some other dot sights in its price range; however, this could be an advantage as they are occasionally unreliable and pop off under heavy recoil.

Parallax on the Tasco 30mm Red Dot is fixed at 50 yards, so unless you’re sighting a target beyond that range, the dot will stay static relative to your eye position.

As with all red dot sights, parallax is never entirely eliminated, just reduced. When it comes time to sight in the Tasco Red Dot, windage and elevation adjust in 1 MOA clicks.

Most users report tight groupings at 50 yards right out the box. The Tasco has an integrated dovetail mount that fits all centerfire Weaver-style bases.

It rides a little low on the rail, so a riser will probably be necessary if you intend to mount it in-line with iron sights on an AR-style rifle.

The ruby lens coating and the lack of a green dot reticle make the Tasco Red Dot sight well-suited for daytime shooting under especially bright conditions or heavy glare.

The Tasco is not your ideal nighttime, lowlight dot sight. Its price varies from $30 to $50 depending on the retailer, which puts the Tasco Red Dot right in the middle of cost range for most budget red dot sights.  We’ve highlighted more sights in the price range in our cheap red dot guide.

Tasco red dot sights come with a warranty that covers repair, but not replacement, on a no-fault basis. You don’t need a receipt, just the code number off the side of the sight.

Fair warning, however: the shipping and handling costs to send the thing in if it does break are not covered by Tasco; and of course there’s no absolute guarantee they’ll be able to repair the problem.

Pairing this sight with some offset iron sights is also a great option.

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