Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch


Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch

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The Sightmark series of flex lighting are created to inspire a lightweight, but precise sight. The Ultra Shot QD is a update of Sightmark to the almost perfect Ultra Shot. Very ideal for rifles or shotguns, this device has a built-in and integrated Weaver mount that suits all the standard bases, and distinct easy detach mounting system.

With all its amazing features that include the accessories, plus a limited Lifetime warranty, this item is an outstanding deal on its own. Incredibly made for those fast moving targets within close range. This item is heavily equipped with its digital switch button wherein shooters could make the most of its speedy-detach mount made for convenient removal when the Iron sights of other accessories are in use.

Strongly manufactured with excellent durability, Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch has a protective aluminum shield for that needed extra defense, making it even more powerful as compared to the original Ultra Shot model.

Key Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Product Features:

The Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch has the following features:

  • Switch button on its side for adjustment of different settings when it comes to brightness
  • It is water resistant
  • Its digital switch reflex sight is suitable for those quick-moving and close-range targets.
  • It comes in tactical matte black color
  • It includes protective aluminum shield hood
  • It has infinite eye relief
  • 105-foot field of view at 100 yards
  • It contains weaver quick-detach mount

Sightmark Ultra Shot Price:

The Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch costs around $100 and comes with free shipping. As of the moment, there’s only 1 left in stock

Average Customer Review:

Out of the 544 customer reviews, 43% gave it 3.7 out of 5 stars


What Customers Say:

I bought this sight at a local box store for $99 at that price and no waiting I was happy to pay the extra. The sight mounts well and holds zero on my m4 with no issues after mounting and unmounting, it is well made however the directions are WRONG yes both for the battery’s like EVERYONE seems to miss the added in slip of paper with the manual and for turning it on . BUT YOUR SIGHTS ARE NOT DOA and this is the reason I decided to write this. The directions for turning on the sight are wrong you don’t hold the button 2 secs to turn it on that is how you turn it OFF to turn it on a simple one sec push will turn it on and the same one sec push will change the brightness . I found this buy playing with the sight cause I thought it was broken also but then thought about well if the directions were wrong once, twice was not a farfetched idea so enjoy your sight ITS NOT DOA ! I really like this sight so i gave it 4 stars for poor directions .500+ rounds of 5.56 and it still is zeroed and i even droped the sight off a shooting rest . – by paxton camaro


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