Generic Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight Tactical Reflex 3 Review


Generic Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight Tactical Reflex 3 Review

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Manufactured by Generic, this Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight tactical Reflex is made of top quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which is filled with advantages such as fog proof, water-resistant and shockproof. This is very ideal for military-law enforcement hunters and the like.

With unlimited eye relief and multi-coated lens. User could benefit from its wide sharp field of view, coated lens as well as its Type III anodized matte black finish. Plus, windage and elevation adjustments. But perhaps the best benefit of all is its Integral Weaver-Picatinny Rail Base for those easy mounting on guns with a Weaver-Picatinny Rail.

Product Features

  • Battery is 1x CR2032
  • Housing size is around 3.2” x 2.1 “x 2”
  • Tube diameter is 1.2”
  • Material is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Field o.V.: 15.8m @100m
  • Output is 1mw
  • Aperture is 1.3”
  • Power is 1X


  • Reticles are tripled/quadrupled generating a truly bad ghosting effect
  • Mounting screw stripped just after the first range session. One buyer claimed that after around 100 rounds with his AR -15, he found out that the screw that attached the sight to the mount was already dangling.
  • Another user claimed that after shooting 10 rounds through his rifle, the crisp colors already became blurry. Though it still works, yet it strained his eyes because of its blurriness.

Average Customer Reviews: of the 411 Customer Reviews, 53% gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Generic Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight Price:

The Generic Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight Tactical Reflex 3 Different Reticles costs around $25 with free shipping, versus a list price of around $70. So you save almost $45 which is equivalent to 65% off.


What Customers Say

I bought this scope from Academy Sports thinking it was a TRU GLO not realizing that it wasn’t after I purchased it and they had it in the wrong place. So I went ahead kept the receipt and took my chances. Mine does not have a manufacture name on it and I think this is the same scope. I’ve have done some research and looks like all of em are the same just different manufactures are putting there name on them. Anyway, I have this scope mounted on a WASR10 AK47(7.62×39) and I have put about 4 boxes of ammo through it so far and it is holding zero very well. I haven’t noticed anything breaking, cracking, and the reticles are very crisp. I will upload pics of my targets but I need to practice a little more because my grouping are not that great right now. I will repost when I reach about 200 rounds to update on quality on scope. I’m gonna upload some pics of the scope I have and the box it came in. If anybody out there has a question or comment please feel free to send it to me. I’m all ears right now to hear if anyone else has experience with this scope on a high power rifle.Jon

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