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With Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight, you won’t miss the target! Hit it fast and accurate with its durable, compact and sleek frame that makes shooting arsenal or hunting easy. It is complete with green or red reticle patterns and you can simply adjust the reticle brightness, fit to satisfy your every need.

With its green and red reticle, you can hit a moving target with ease under various lighting conditions.


  • A shock and water-resistant product that enhances shooting performance even in various violent conditions.
  • It has four-reticle patterns that provides limitless eye relief and correct parallax.
  • It has picatinny mount base for hassle-free mounting.
  • It has adjustable elevation click with a lock screw.

Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight Price Guide

Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight has a price tag of $19.35 and free shipping if your total cart exceeds $35.

What Customers Are Saying

Seventy-two percent of buyers rate this product 4-5 stars, giving it an overall score of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

This sight is very good. It has 4 different reticles and each can be displayed in red or green color. It also is very easy to mount and clamps very sturdy. I use this on my project salvo paintball marker (looks like an AR) and for only $25 it is a very good bang for the buck.

My biggest worry was that this thing would break if it got hit by a paintball. However, it seems it really is ‘heavy duty’, earlier this week it got hit twice straight on the glass by paintballs traveling around 280 – 300 fps (.68 caliber) and it didn’t leave a scratch. It didn’t even move or mess up in any way. When I got home I ran some water on it, dried it up and it still works great.

The glass looks high quality, it has a nice coating on it and the sight itself has good eye relief. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase.”Eagl3


Received the package on time and in Good shape. The Sight came in a small packaged box with two Allen wrenches, a sight cover and basic instructions. Please note, this sight does come with a battery. Mine was already in the compartment of the sight and ready to go.

I have to say, the sight was even better quality then I imagined it would be. The base and dial are completely made of aluminum. No plastic parts here! The dial/battery cap are well crafted and are mechanically sound. The lens on this sight looks to have an anti glare coating, but not 100% sure on this. The anodized coating is done well and doesn’t seem to have any imperfections.

I mounted this to a 22 tactical LR and had no problems with tightening it down. It seems to be very secure, and should work well with higher powered rifles. This is not a Air Soft sight. It’s made for real firearms.

I powered this baby up to check out the options. There are 3 levels of brightness for each color, and 4 different patterns. I must say the sight looks great! Everything works so far and I’m extremely pleased with its quality. I have not doubt that we’ll have this sighted in at the range in no time.

I would would recommend purchasing this sight to anyone!” Michael


“I purchased this for a new AR I bought recently. Because it was an OR rifle, it had no sights at all. After searching many sites, including Amazon, I decided on this one. Once it arrived (on time, arrived in the specified time quoted), took it out of the box, installed it, and with a couple clicks left and a few up, had it zeroed. Great inexpensive reflex sight. Some of the other reviews complained about the reticles being “fuzzy”, I’ve found that if you keep the brightness in the mid ranges, say 3-4, they’re more crisp. Also I’ve found, for me personally, the green works better in sunlight, and red setting is better for lower light and darkness. Very happy with it so far!”Shane


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