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Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 Reticle Green and Red Dot Reflex Sight Review

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Ade Advanced Optics is well-known in the firearms accessory industry. The company started out doing private label assignments, however their quality of product soon saw them receiving offers from customer direct. Despite the highly-competitive nature of the firearms and accessories industry, Ade Advance Optics have continued to calve out a solid reputation with their happy customer base.

A note on this product: Try to loosen the shaft and it will set its base to stretch whilst tightening the shaft to end fixes the base. If you want to modify the tension on the shaft, to loosen it, clock-wise rotate its bolt and the link accelerates the tension and then counter-clockwise decreases it. Be sure that its dot sight is totally sealed into its base and then carefully tightened the mounting screws. For added security, a single drop of the thread locking fluid could be included in the screws.

Crusader 8 Product Features:

Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 Reticle Green and Red Dot Reflex Sight with QD Mount, Black’s best features are the following:

  • Change of battery not needed
  • Eight types of reticle brightness adjustable settings
  • Speedy detach pica tinny/weaver mount
  • 1 MOA with low power consumption for longer battery life span
  • It is compatible with NVGs or magnifiers. With elevation or clocking wind age adjustments
  • Limitless eye relief. Shock proof as well as water resistant.
  • Parallax corrected. It has wider field of view.
  • Dimensions include: 108x 53 x 62 mm.
  • It weighs 8.6 oz.
  • It includes built in rechargeable battery with charging indicator light. The light automatically turns off after being fully charged. The charging cable is also included.

Crusader 8 Red Dot Sight Price:

You can buy Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 Reticle Green and Red Dot Reflex Sight with QD Mount, Black for only around $90 and free shipping as compared to its list price of $120. So you save $30 or 25%

Average Customer Reviews:

Of the 26 customer reviews, 69% gave it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars which is a very solid user-review rating and one to consider when purchasing. 

What Customers Say:

Here are what the customer of this item said:

“This is the first reflex sight I’ve owned, so difficult for me to compare to other brands or styles. However, this sight is sweet. I’ve owned it for a few weeks, and have sighted it in. I only had 200 rounds of .223 on me, but it held the zero once sighted til the last round was spent. Durable solid aluminum housing. Button for green, button for red. Simple as that. Click once to dim the dot, up to 5 times. after the fifth, brightness cycles back to brightest. To turn off the dot, Press and hold for 3 seconds. I haven’t had it die on me yet with only one charge so far (and I play with this sight all the time, shooting or not). The QD system is adjustable and fits snug on it’s rail. Pull the lever and lift. Simple.

Now, don’t let this be a game changer for you because this could be just a positioning flaw on my own sight. The decal on the side indicating direction to sight ‘right’ points the wrong direction. Basically right is left and left is right. I’ll post a picture of said decal. So 99% happy overall, but not worth dropping a whole star, considering the quality and great functionality of this reflex sight.” – by JL

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