The EOTech Sights Buying Guide

There are a handful of manufacturers that military and law enforcement look to when equipping their units and officers with the best sights for their firearms.

At the top of this list is EOTech Industries whose holographic sights have proven themselves in combat operations around the world for the last decade. Now available for civilian use, anyone who is looking to invest in their rifle system by outfitting it with Mil-Spec optics will find the best solution in a set of EOTech Sights.

What Is Unique About EOTech Sights

eotch military2EOTech sights have become a staple within the military for their quality and effectiveness, becoming a favorite among special operation forces for CQC missions. With their quick target acquisition reticles and military quality these sights have carved its niche within the military community.

There has also been an explosion in civilian use of EOTechs as shooters are seeing their benefits first hand at their range. Be it for target shooting, hunting, or self defense, an EOTechs is one of the top choices.

So what makes it so much better than everything else out there?  What justifies their high price tag? There are a handful of reasons for this that we’ll go over below, but when it comes down to it these sights are simply the best for getting rounds on target when it matters.

Holographic Projection

The majority of dot sights available are ‘reflex sights’ that work by reflecting LED light off an objective window to form the reticle. EOTech is one of the only companies that provides a different, more advanced way of doing this through holographic projection.

Holographic projection has been around for a while in aircraft heads-up-displays but EOTech was the first to miniaturize the technology allowing it to fit into a compact, weapon-mountable sight.

It works by having a laser diode illuminate a holographic reticle that is etched into its optical window. The reticle appears to float downrange and is near parallax free, meaning it will stay on target even as your head moves location.

The system provides advantages over reflex sights. Reflex sights need a reflective coating on their objective window to reflect back the LED light, whereas EOTech reticles display perfectly on clear glass.

Holographic projection can also be accomplished on a flat, rectangular window that EOTechs use, giving a greater field of view than reflex sights. Shooters can operate with both eyes open, allowing them to keep ultimate situational awareness around them.

The reticles illumination is strong enough to not be washed out against bright, outdoor backgrounds, but can not be seen from the reverse side where adversaries may see. Since the reticle is etched into the window itself it can take any form but EOTech sights are known for their distinct pattern.

Reticle Pattern

EOTechs are known for their signature A65/1 reticle pattern that provides the best of both worlds in terms of precision and quick targeting. The reticle is made up of two main components; A large 65 MOA outer ring centered around a small 1 MOA aimpoint.

The ring is incredibly easy to catch with your eyes as you bring the gun into sight line, making target acquisition fast. At a distance of 15 yards the ring converts to about 10 inches in diameter, a size that covers a large portion of an average sized adult target, making perfect for close quarters combat situations.

The center aimpoint has one of the highest resolutions on the market at 1 MOA which allows for precision shooting at greater distances. Where other larger MOA dots begin to completely obscure smaller targets at mid-long range shots, a 1 MOA allows for consistent target visualization. These sights are especially known for holding their zero through lots of rounds.

EOTech reticles are also compatible with tandem magnifiers and night vision optics in some cases. This is particularly useful in military operations where soldiers conduct night-time missions regularly.

Magnifiers can provide a great way to see further targets and are often quick detachable, making transitioning between it and the standard optic simple. EOTechs also work well when co-witnessed with iron sights.

Military Quality

EOTechs are primarily marketed towards the military who has been a customer for years, returning with big contracts because they have seen EOTechs prove themselves in real world combat situations. In fact, they’ve even seen some high profile action from special operations forces.

eotech militaryThese sights are built to take a beating and still keep going, and thats where EOTech separates itself from the rest of the pack. Sling these sights through mud, drag them through sand, or drop the out of a humvee; you’ll have trouble damaging them in every day use.

The optical window is constructed out of 1/8″ solid glass with a 3/16″ shatter resistant laminate applied to it. This means that any damage won’t result in glass shards everywhere. It is also fog proof and has an anti-glare coating, so there is no worries of obfuscation due to humid weather.

The internal components are sealed and made waterproof up to 10 feet deep in depth. All the parts are encased in an aluminum housing that protects it from the elements and getting banged around.

EOTech sights are made to fit on the most common military rails, either 1″ Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails.  Mounting is solid and EOTechs are known for keeping their zero after repeated use. The recoil of the gun firing will not move the sight off alignment.

But just for good measure EOTech provides a two year warranty on sights offering to replace them when broken in that time.

EOTech XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

eotech xps2The XPS has all the features wanted in an EOTech sight fit into the most compact size. It is the shortest and lightest model that is not night vision compatible. The XPS2 sports a 1.2″ x 0.85″ optical window that is constructed from 1/8″ solid glass with shatter resistant laminate and anti glare coating.

It is powered by a 123 lithium battery that provides 600 continuous hours of illumination at medium brightness.  The lack of a larger battery pack allows more room on the rail for c0-witnessed sight or a magnifier. The whole package weighs only 8 0z., a perfect size for rifles like the AR 15.

Like other EOTechs the XPS2 has great reviews online about its ability to hold its zero between shots and firing sessions. The XPS2 has the well known 65/1 reticle for target acquisition and CQB.

EOTech 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

eotech 512a65 tacticalThe baseline model EOTech that is the most popular among military and civilians is the 512. This sight has tons of reviews online that speak to its quality in materials and performance.

The 512 works much like the XPS but is powered by two AA batteries instead of a lithium battery. With this difference it still gets the same amount of battery life, around 600 hours, but its base takes up more room on the mounting rail at 5.4″ in length. The weight also is bumped up to 10.9 oz when including the batteries. The plus side is that AA batteries are always available and its easy to keep spares handy.

Other than that difference the rest of the specs are equal to the XPS’s. Its window size remains 1.2″ x 0.85″ and it has the 65/1 reticle pattern.

EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sight w/ 3x Magnifier

eotech hh

The holographic projection of EOTech sights allow them to be used in tandem with magnifiers without losing the resolution of the reticle. This combination provides a sighting solution for both CQB and longer distance target scenarios in one system.

The Hybrid sight consists of an EOTech EXPS3-4 paired with a G33.STS magnifier with a 3x magnification factor.  The ‘STS’ refers to the GSS’s side-to-side mount which offers a way to quickly disengage the magnifier and transition to the non-magnified EXPS3-4. This feature is crucial for any operators who need to have a scope for surveillance or distance targeting but then move into building clearing situations where a 1x magnification is preferred.

With the magnifier this system isn’t as low profile as other EOTechs. Its total length is 7.6″ and it weighs 21.7 oz. The optimal eye relief is 2.2″. A 3x sight is great for mid-range shots between 200-300 yards and can make for effective shots out to a 500-600 yard range. Shooters who want a fixed magnification scope that is Mil-spec should also consider Trijicon ACOGs.

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