Aimpoint Comp M4 Review and Specs Breakdown

aimpoint compm4The Aimpoint M4 has all of the features that you’d expect to find in a mil-spec optics system. This collimating red dot reflex sight is the perfect accessory for your AR-15, tactical pistol, or any other weapons system with a top-mounted Picatinny rail. Unlike other optical solutions, there’s no need for a ring mount with the M4, it slides right onto your rail and locks securely in place.

Aimpoint’s Comp M4 red dot sight includes premium features, like a 16-position switch which allows you to adjust the amount of illumination for comfortable all-day use. It also includes a patented anti-glare coating to provide a crystal clear image even during extremely bright conditions. In fact, every part of the optics system in this advanced scope is built to military specs, so you can count on the M4 to deliver an accurate image of your target, day or night.

Other Advanced Features Include:

  • Includes QRP2 mount and hardware, mil-spec rubber lens covers, and anti-flash filter
  • Ultra-bright LED red dot with 16 brightness settings, including night vision mode
  • Upgraded electronics package allows for 80,000 hours of continuous use from a single AA battery
  • 2 MOA accuracy keeps your groupings tight, even out to 300 yards
  • Included vertical and forward spacers for compatibility with a wide range of weapons systems
  • Extremely tough extruded anodized aluminum frame with a tactical matte finish
  • Waterproof down to 150’ and safe for temperatures from -50F to 160F
  • One-click adjustment provides 1/2” control at 80 yards
  • Threaded front sight is compatible with aftermarket killFlash devices
  • Incorporates all current M668 CCO military-requested improvements
  • Reflex sight measures 2.1” wide by 2.4” tall, is 4.7” long and weighs 9.3 ounces
  • Covered by a 10-year warranty from Aimpoint
  • Made in the USA

Serious shooters know that Aimpoint has a reputation for quality, and you can see for yourself why. The Aimpoint Comp M4 delivers the maximum amount of flexibility and reliability in a compact package, with an extremely long battery life, excellent resistance to the elements, and unparalleled accuracy. Once you’ve shot with an Aimpoint M4 you’ll never want to use another reflex sight again.

Aimpoint Is Always Innovating

Even compared to other Aimpoint solutions, the M4 stands out above the rest. Unlike the M3, the Comp M4 has a much longer battery life, even at the highest brightness settings. That’s because of the M4’s improved electronics package, which is much more efficient than earlier Aimpoint reflex offerings. In fact, the electronics package has been improved to the point that the self-adjusting voltage regulator will work perfectly with any battery that can be made to fit in the AA-size battery compartment.

The difference is even more striking when you compare the M4 to Aimpoint’s original M16 reflex sight, the M2. The Comp M4 has improved adjustment knobs which hold their position even during rough use, which is a major shortcoming of the M2. Aimpoint has also stepped up the accuracy from the M2 to the M4, with the newer optics system offering 2 MOA compared to the older M2’s 4 MOA. In addition to accuracy upgrades, the M4 also keeps dust and debris out of the dial and lens compartment much better than the M2.

All of these upgrades prove that Aimpoint is paying attention to the needs of their customers, and building upon what works while throwing out what doesn’t. The Aimpoint M4 is the most advanced red dot reflex sight on the market because Aimpoint is willing to adapt and engineer solutions that deliver exactly what their users need. That’s just one reason why Aimpoint is one of the most widely used, and widely loved, optics manufacturers in America.

Expect Premium Performance

If you’re looking for an optics system that performs well for tactical use at close and medium range, then the M4 is the right choice. It’s an unmagnified reflex sight which works well for engaging targets out to 300 yards, depending on the shooter and weapon. Because it’s unmagnified, the M4 can be used to acquire targets with both eyes open, which allows you to retain situational awareness and get on target fast.

Target acquisition speed is one of the core reasons for choosing an Aimpoint Comp M4, but accuracy is just as important. With its 2 MOA accuracy, a shooter can be expected to reliably get 1/2” groupings at 50 yards, and 2” groupings at 200 yards. This degree of accuracy is just another reason why the Aimpoint M4 stands out above the competition.

Durability is another key consideration, and Aimpoint delivers some of the best in the business. From the weatherproof housing to the scratch-resistant anodized coating, the M4 is nearly indestructible. It’s all built around an aircraft-grade hard aluminum frame with rubber seals, which securely contains the optics and electronics, shielding them from damage even when dropped or submerged in water.

Widespread Military Utilization

aimpoint military2You can tell that the Aimpoint Comp M4 is a quality reflex sight by the sheer amount of military men and women who use them. In fact, 85% of the M-16’s that are issued by the Army contain Aimpoint optics, making them the single most popular sight of any kind in use by the American military. In fact, Aimpoint has delivered over 1,000,000 sights to the Army since it began supplying them in 1997.

Aimpoint’s GI-issued optics package, the M68 CCO, forms the core of the Comp M4. The company hasn’t changed a thing when they brought the M68 to the civilian market, and the Comp M4 includes all of the latest improvement requested by the government. From the extended battery life, to the improved accuracy and new knobs, the Aimpoint Comp M4 is the most modern version of the M68 Close Combat Optics package available.

If the Army is willing to trust Aimpoint with the lives of our men and women fighting overseas, then you can trust them with yours. No expense was spared making the improvements that we see today in the Comp M4, and smart shooters understand that allowing the military to foot the bill for R&D leads to superior weaponry and optics.

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